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Technology InitiativeThe Technology Initiative of Ability Connection New Mexico(ACNM) makes assistive technology more accessible to individuals with disabilities in our community who can become more independent through its use.

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  • Oscar Walking
  • Assistive Technology
  • Therapy Services
  • Early Childhood Education


Our Passion

At Ability Connection, our passion is providing the very highest quality care and support to children and adults with disabilities. Our organization has been building on this passion for over 58 years while continuing our commitment to level the playing field for those with disabilities. We empower individuals to live the best life possible by removing barriers that inhibit independence and autonomy. At Ability Connection, we focus on each person’s ability and believe in each individual’s potential for success.









EducationThe Public Education program at Ability Connection provides valuable educational services to families, caregivers and disability professionals who are responsible for taking care of (or overseeing the care of) a person with a disability. We also offer training and educational programs to the community in order to create a greater awareness of disabilities, to promote better care for people with disabilities, to teach about recognizing abuse, neglect or exploitation, and to foster more positive attitudes toward those with disabilities.


Albuquerque Speech, Language, Hearing CenterAbility Connection New Mexico will be partnering with Albuquerque Speech, Language, Hearing Center to offer Assistive Technology Trainings for professionals and caregivers who work with individuals with disabilities. Training will be semi-annual and provide:

  • The importance of Assistive technology for those with disabilities
  • Why it is crucial for caregivers and professionals to understand Assistive Technology
  • The opportunity to network and share experiences with other working with individuals with disabilities