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Technology InitiativeThe Technology Initiative of Ability Connection New Mexico(ACNM) makes assistive technology more accessible to individuals with disabilities in our community who can become more independent through its use.

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Our Passion

At Ability Connection, our passion is providing the very highest quality care and support to children and adults with disabilities. Our organization has been building on this passion for over 58 years while continuing our commitment to level the playing field for those with disabilities. We empower individuals to live the best life possible by removing barriers that inhibit independence and autonomy. At Ability Connection, we focus on each person’s ability and believe in each individual’s potential for success.


One of Every Five Americans will Experience a Disability in their Lifetime
Ability Connection

1 in 5 individuals will face a disability at some point in their life, whether from birth or acquired. Our clients celebrate being 1 in 5. At Ability Connection our mission is to provide assistance to those 1 in 5, focusing on their abilities and achieving their highest level of independence. We have gratefully served our clients for 62 years because of our donors - thank you!

Your generosity gives us the opportunity to directly impact the day to day lives of individuals with disabilities and encourage them to reach a level of independence they may not have been able to experience without our help. A gift today would greatly impact the 1 in 5 individuals Ability Connection serves and continue to inspire them.

To honor our 1 in 5, we are asking you to donate amounts that include the numbers 1 and 5, for example $15 or $150. Your gifts allow Ability Connection to serve all ages and disabilities, truly the 1 in 5. Thank you for making Ability Connection, and “#Iam1in5”, one of your priorities.

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