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Technology InitiativeThe Technology Initiative of Ability Connection New Mexico(ACNM) makes assistive technology more accessible to individuals with disabilities in our community who can become more independent through its use.

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  • Oscar Walking
  • Assistive Technology
  • Therapy Services
  • Early Childhood Education


Our Mission

At Ability Connection, our mission is to provide a full range of services for people with physical and intellectual disabilities as they strive to achieve their highest level of independence. This mission is the core value our team holds in our pursuit to deliver programs and services that will positively impact the communities we serve.

About Us

Caring For & Supporting People with Disabilities

About ACNMAbility Connection New Mexico is part of the Ability Connection umbrella that has been providing vital care and support to people with disabilities for over 59 years. Today, one in five people have a disability - which is why our services are so important. Whether advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, teaching the letters of the alphabet to a child with autism, or training an adult with a head injury to re-enter the workforce with the use of adaptive technology, ACNM is the preeminent organization leading the way for people of all ages with any type of physical or intellectual disability.

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